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S tructured Rehab: Why it Works

One of the main characteristics of addiction is how inflexible it can be. Many people struggle for years or even decades against substance abuse and are unable to quit. Alcohol and drug rehab centers provide hope, and millions who have gone through the rehab process have succeeded in maintain sobriety for life. Here are a few of the reasons why our structured rehab program at Draper Institute works when other attempts to quit have failed.

Thorough Detox

Withdrawal symptoms are difficult and even painful, and many suffering from addiction are simply unable to quit long enough to be free from these symptoms. Our addiction recovery facility provides support to help you get through the detox period. Active monitoring means your status is constantly evaluated, giving you prompt access to healthcare as needed. The first step to defeating substance abuse is working through withdrawal, and structured programs help ease the process.


It’s easy to underestimate the complexity of addiction. Addiction may be the primary diagnosis, but there are often co-occurring diagnoses which may have an amplifying effect upon addiction. By working through assessments at our drug rehab facility, you’ll begin the process of uncovering conditions that play a role in your addiction. Dual diagnosis mental health treatment has a proven track record as it treats contributing conditions at the same time the addiction is being treated, which is why we utilize this technique at our rehab.

A New Family

Many people become isolated due to addiction, and addiction-related conflict can lead to strained or even severed relationships. By entering our Fremont, California addiction recovery program, you’ll gain entry into an extended family that cares about you and will provide hope and support if you’re feeling down. Urges can feel overwhelming at times, but your extended family will be easy to access and give you the encouragement you need to maintain your sobriety.

Group Therapy

One of the most effective tools for fighting addiction is group therapy. Addiction is more common than many realize, and people who know the pain of addiction can empathize with their peers in a way others may not be able to. These sessions provide a warm and welcoming environment, something many of those suffering from addiction frequently don’t have access to. Clients in group settings often find themselves able to open up for the first time, and the revelations uncovered during group therapy can be invaluable for maintaining your sobriety.

Individual Therapy

Finding out what ongoing therapy works best for you will take time, but individual sessions while in the early stages of your sobriety help you and addiction experts chart a course. Talking with an addiction expert and delving into your life can provide insight into how your addiction took hold and what encourages it. This therapy in an addiction treatment facility can also introduce you to a counselor who can continue working with you after you leave, giving you a sense of continuity between the addiction treatment center and your post-rehab life.

A Fresh Start

Major changes in life help people reset their mental state, and entering rehab gives you a chance at a fresh start. While at an addiction recovery center, you’ll be free from worrying about the day-to-day struggles of maintaining an addiction, and you’ll be able to avoid toxic factors. This freedom provides encouragement and lets you get a feel for life without addiction constantly weighing down on you. Structured rehab creates a major shakeup to what you’ve become accustomed to, helping you break out of ruts and build healthy habits.

Spending time at the Draper Institute substance abuse treatment facility in Fremont, California isn’t a vacation, and you might be surprised by how busy you are while in treatment. Maintaining recovery after leaving might not always be easy, but you’ll be prepared to handle urges thanks to the tools you accrue while in treatment. It’s natural to feel scared of rehab, but entering an alcohol or drug detox clinic gives you the opportunity to finally experience life without the pain of addiction.