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B ecoming addicted to drugs is easy. What started out as an occasional use can soon develop into something that controls your life. Fortunately, it is now possible to find drug rehab centers that can help you leave drugs behind and regain your life once again.

All personnel at our drug rehab facility in Atlanta, Georgia are devoted to helping our clients with a program that will lead to a drug free life. When you arrive you will be warmly greeted and a determination made regarding the type of residential treatment your particular condition requires.

A comprehensive intake interview and physical assessment is the first step. This will determine the extent of your drug dependency and may take some time as we wish to furnish you with a program that is especially crafted to meet your needs. Following the assessment, our professional staff will meet with you to review the assessment and determine the program that will best fulfill your needs.

We understand the need for an effective treatment for clients who are suffering from substance abuse. If necessary we also provide dual diagnosis treatment and any other required treatments. Requirements for these various programs is determined at the time of admission.

The first type of treatment for a client is detoxification. Supervised detox slowly weans an addict off their dependence on drugs. Sometimes this is difficult for the client so the treatment is done slowly in a professional drug detox clinic. As you gradually need drugs less and less, this program provides the beginning of a full addiction recovery program.

Individual and group therapy is an important part of our addiction recovery facility. This allows a one-on-one meeting with a therapist or a group therapy session that allows members to discuss specific topics that are important to their personal drug addiction. This type of therapy increases your ability to learn new coping skills.

In addition to a supervised addiction recovery program, we provide offerings such as exercise programs, life skills, art and music appreciation, vitamin and nutrition therapy, and many more interesting activities. This allows you to enjoy things you may not have experienced in too long. Imagine sitting quietly and listening to some beautiful music, or learning new things that will help you in the recovery process.

Our facility is designed especially to make our clients feel welcome with private rooms and you are invited to mingle with other residents. We have found that our clients are able to help each other through gatherings, sharing their experiences and strengthening their desire for a drug free life.

We understand that when not treated, drug addiction can ruin many areas of a person’s life. A member of our addiction treatment facility’s personnel will be on hand throughout each step of the addiction recovery to offer encouragement and answer any questions you might have regarding anything you do not understand. This is part of the process of learning how to avoid returning to drug addiction.

When choosing our substance abuse addiction recovery center, you can be assured you have chosen a top rehab center in Atlanta, Georgia that will be fully devoted to providing the latest in up-to-date methods to help you break the drug habit. Our personnel understands the problems that drug abuse can cause and are devoted to helping you learn how to avoid a relapse when you leave our facility.

We are proud of our addiction treatment center and feel we offer the most comprehensive drug recovery program in the country. You are invited to visit our substance abuse treatment facility website at Draper Institute to learn more about our center and our drug free program.