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A t our rehab, we’re here to provide you with the unimpeachable addiction recovery treatment for which our drug rehab center has become renowned. No matter what circumstances or situations led you to being entrenched in substance abuse, our friendly and well-educated staff is prepared to assist you by providing you with the tools you need to overcome addiction. When you’re ready to face your addiction and come up on top, we’re ready to provide you with the addiction recovery program you need. At Draper Institute and  our St Joseph, Missouri drug rehab facility, we’re waiting for your call.

We know that one of the most challenging stages in overcoming addiction is admitting to yourself that you have an issue that requires treatment. Once you’ve managed this determination, the next step is to determine how to best receive treatment for your substance abuse disorder. At our drug detox clinic, we’re prepared to provide you with a customized addiction recovery program. This means that we take your specific needs into account, and then apply this variables to a plan for treatment that addresses your individual requirements. It’s a far more method of providing addiction recovery treatment than a standardized plan, like those provided by other recovery facilities.

In order to ascertain the many variables that will be used for sculpt your recovery plan, you’ll start your time at our rehab by taking part in an intake interview that will cover a variety of topics. You may wonder whether or not so many questions are necessary, but the fact of the matter is, addiction is a complicated issue. In order to provide you with a comprehensive plan for recovery that covers every aspect of addiction that you need treated, we have to make sure we have every angle covered. For that reason, you’ll want to be completed honest during your intake interview — both with our staff members and with yourself. Only through honesty can you begin to work toward complete recovery.

Once we’ve completed the intake interview, you’ll be presented with your personalized addiction recovery program. You’ll have the chance to look over the various treatments included, and to determine whether or not you are satisfied with the recovery goals laid out by your plan. Once you and your counsellor have looked over the plan and you have determined that it is satisfactory, you’ll advance to supervised detoxification.

During supervised detox, your body will purge any toxins that have been left behind due to substance abuse. Sometimes, this means that you’ll experience the symptoms of withdrawal. Withdrawal can present in many ways, from causing a slight discomfort to proving outright dangerous. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we’ll ensure that your discomfort is mitigated as well as possible, and we’ll ensure that your safety is maintained throughout the process. Draper Institute is waiting to provide you with the tools you need.