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I f you’re struggling with a drug addiction, no one needs to tell you how difficult it is to break free and overcome the physical and mental dependence. In fact, everyone struggling with an addiction requires focused, comprehensive, and customized addiction treatment from trained professionals who know what they are doing and who care about each client’s sobriety. You first need to admit to yourself that you have a problem that requires this level of care. Coming to terms with your condition is the first crucial step in taking on denial and making sure you know where you stand and how you can get better. Eliminating denial will enable you to enroll at our drug rehab center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Then, when you enter our Draper Institute rehab facility, you will go through supervised withdrawal in our St. Louis drug detox clinic. While your body goes through the process of eliminating all traces of the harmful chemicals that keep you dependent on your drug of choice, you will go through some unpleasant symptoms. To ensure that your detox is safe, practical, comfortable, and efficient, we need to monitor you interminably and respond to any situation accurately. Once you have gotten through the physical withdrawals, you will be able to work on your overall recovery and mental health during group sessions and therapy meetings.

The best course of action is to immediately get you working with a therapist, even before you finish detox. But especially once your body is clear of the harmful chemicals, you will meet with a counselor and work on your mental health through venting your struggles and begin crafting a helpful and comprehensive addiction treatment plan that will be customized around your needs. This plan will also include screening for dual diagnosis mental health issues as well as any necessary treatment for mental disorders. Nearly half of the people we see at our St. Louis addiction treatment center are not just struggling with an addiction, they are going through a mental illness as well. Whether the root cause of your addiction is a mental issue like schizophrenia or a childhood trauma, you will get the appropriate treatment.

Then, you will move on to group therapy and meetings to continue working on your recovery. Here you will work together with your peers and vent your plight, listen to the stories of others, and both give and receive invaluable advice that will help you through aftercare and beyond. The bonds and friendships you forge here may even stay with you as long as the advice does, which may be years after you have left our St. Louis drug rehab clinic. You will realize you are not alone, and that help is around every corner.

Finally, you will leave our drug rehab with your customized addiction treatment plan that will have been altered comprehensively to better meet your needs. When you leave our addiction recovery clinic in St. Louis, Missouri, you will leave with the support, guidance, and love of everyone you’ve met, both clients and our professional staff. Call Draper Institute today to get started on your new life.