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A t Draper Institute, we are more than just a drug rehab clinic, we are a family. We provide a safe, secure, and supportive addiction recovery clinic where clients receive the individual attention and strong moral support they need to win their battle against addiction. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, our drug rehab center takes clients through the various stages of healing and rebuilding their strength, empowering them to defeat addiction. Beyond physical rehabilitation, we help clients understand the underlying causes of addiction, helping them look inside themselves to discover their inner strength, and teaching them the tools they need to prevent relapse.

We cater to the needs of each individual client, while also providing the strong moral support of a community. At Draper Institute, we offer a substance abuse facility equipped to care for the individual needs of each client, making sure they receive the personal attention and care they need throughout our addiction recovery program. We believe that clients should not feel alone in their struggle against addiction. Combining an individual approach with the uplifting support of peers, we help our clients through the phases of detox, therapy, and aftercare.

Our drug detox clinic helps the clients heal from the physical damages of addiction. Drug withdrawal can be a painful process, and we do our best to make our clients as comfortable as possible, keeping them closely monitored throughout the difficult stages of withdrawal. Drugs replace or augment certain neurochemicals in the brain. After time, the body gets used to the artificial source of these chemicals and halts the natural production of these chemicals. Withdrawal happens because the body has grown dependent on the drug. Our addiction recovery facility helps clients heal through this difficult detox process, giving them close attention as their body heals itself.

We believe in treating clients on an individual basis, so we make sure that clients have access to mental health treatment during the course of their detox. Our substance abuse treatment facility offers dual diagnosis treatment, an approach that treats both the addiction and any co-occurring disorder. At our addiction treatment center, we make sure that clients suffering from mental health conditions receive the attention they need for any co-occurring disorder.

Rehabilitation does not end with detox. After the body heals itself, we offer clients a therapy program, designed to help them identify the underlying causes of addiction. We work with clients both on a personal basis and in groups. In private sessions, we help clients open up about the sources of their problems, teaching them to develop the habits, tools, and skills they need to prevent a relapse. Our group therapy sessions provide clients with the strong moral support of their peers. We believe in the transforming power of honesty. Working alongside their peers and opening up about their problems, our group therapy sessions provide clients with the strong moral support they need to recognize their own inner strengths. These sessions empower clients, revitalizing them with a fresh outlook on life.

We believe that the process of recovery does not simply end when our client leaves our drug rehab facility, but continues outside the doors of our addiction treatment facility. For this reason, we provide our clients with aftercare, designed to continue the process of providing our clients with strong moral support, therapy, and the positive influence of understanding peers. We want our clients to leave our drug therapy programs as a new person, able to withstand the temptations of their old lives. We continue to offer clients ongoing support, in the form of private and group therapy sessions, and provide living arrangements for those still in a stage of transition.

The struggle against addiction is not a fight to be faced alone. At our addiction recovery center, our clients receive the strong community support they need to defeat their addiction, honestly confronting the problems that face them in a judgment-free environment, and transforming themselves into better, drug-free individuals.