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A t the Draper Institute addiction recovery program, we make sure our clients know they are not alone in their struggle against drug addiction. The Draper Institute is more than just a drug rehab facility. Our clients receive the strength and moral support of a community. We strive to make a welcoming and judgment-free environment where clients can understand the underlying causes behind their addiction, striding forward together and transforming themselves into individuals better equipped to battle the problems associated with drug addiction. Our drug rehab center in Olympia, Washington and helps clients heal the wounds of drug addiction, find a new inner strength to aid them in their struggle, and make a change in their lives.

Our drug detox clinic helps our clients heal the damages caused by drug dependency. Our clients receive close care and attention throughout the difficult stages of withdrawal, and are kept comfortable while their body slowly heals itself. Withdrawal happens when the brain no longer receives an artificial substitute for its natural neurochemicals, creating symptoms of withdrawal as the body relearns how to produce these chemicals. We keep patients comfortable and provide quality care throughout the difficult stages of addiction recovery, giving them the close attention they need while the body heals itself. We provide the personal care necessary to help a client through this trying time, helping through the hardest stage of addiction recovery.

We believe that clients suffering from a mental health issue should receive the quality care they require, so we provide dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment gives clients with co-occurring mental health conditions the care they need, making sure that these conditions remain treated throughout their rehabilitation process. We treat patients suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and other mental health issues. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we make sure that mental health conditions are not ignored during our client’s rehabilitation program. Draper Institute makes sure that all of our client’s needs are treated: physical, mental, and spiritual.

When detox is complete, clients begin a therapy program. Rehabilitation does not simply involve ridding the patient of the physical causes of addiction, but addressing the roots of this addiction as well. At our addiction recovery center, we believe that clients need to confront the underlying causes of addiction, learning how to avoid the behavioral patterns could allow addiction to resurface, teaching them how to improve their lives and develop habits that will lead them into a healthy lifestyle.

We work with clients in individual settings, but also in group settings. In private sessions, we teach clients how to understand themselves on a personal level, helping them find solutions for their own struggles in an open and confidential conversation. However, we also believe in the importance of interpersonal interaction. In our group therapy sessions, we help clients discover themselves in an open and judgment-free zone, learning about themselves and their various strengths through the mutual moral support of their peers. Our therapy program aims to empower clients, helping them discover in themselves an inner source of strength for combating addiction.

When our clients depart from our addiction treatment center, we want to make sure they retain the tools and resources necessary to prevent relapse. For this reason, we provide a quality client aftercare program, one designed to make sure that patients refrain from relapsing into old habits by keeping them strong through the continuous support of individual and group therapy sessions, as well as various living arrangements for those still transitioning back into their old lives.

The struggle against addiction can be difficult. At our addiction treatment facility, we equip clients with the inner strength and fortitude to face their drug addiction with a new courage, supported by the character building affirmation of a positive environment, an addiction recovery facility that believes in treating the whole person, ridding them of their old addicted self and transforming them into a newly empowered individual.